PANGEA seeks to expand

PANGEA is Michigan’s oldest specialty jewelry store focusing exclusively on earrings, nose rings, navel jewelry, and other styles of body jewelry, with a focus on custom design, fine metals and gemstones, and expert service. That winning concept, along with our unique staff of industry-leading professionals, has proven successful. We are home to J.C. POTTS, the #1 most-watched professional piercer on YouTube, and one of the few people in the world who started off as a piercer, then learned how to design and make fine quality body jewelry. This, along with Josh Campbell and Kenny Hughes and our top-notch sales staff, bring a level of edginess while still expertly navigating the complexities of luxury retail. When choosing PANGEA for your upscale shopping district, stakeholders benefit from having a destination business that attracts a customer that is, 80% of the time, 18 to 35 year old females with annual incomes over $100K…the high-value customer every boutique retail district wants. It’s a rare occurrence to see a business that focuses entirely on jewelry for piercings without getting involved in tattooing or any other distractions, so we hope that vested parties in new markets will see the value in partnering with a solid, responsible, 12 year established luxury alternative retailer.