Triple forward helix (AKA “internet bites”)


henceforth, these shall be referred to as “internet bites”. The grand tradition of calling any multiple piercing something-bites shall be honored with this, the christening by a website of a photograph with a triple forward helix piercing with the tag “internet bites”, so that people will be confused and annoyed. I did these yesterday with 3x Neometal 18 gauge 5/16 barbell shafts, a 2.5mm CZ and 2x 2mm CZs, 18 gauge chamfer needles, and a few esoteric tools to hold everything still. You can’t get this for $50 in a tattoo shop, people.

triple forward helix AKA "internet bites"

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  1. Sinister Bassoon says:

    Hey J.C.! You’re gonna be seeing me soon for this piercing. This looks beautiful. Thank you again for all your help with my nape piercing, too!

    • j.c.potts says:

      oooh I absolutely LOVE complicated cartilage piercings….think you’d let me film it for the show?

      • Sinister Bassoon says:

        Of course you can film it! Lemme get my pink hair fixed so it’ll look good on camera. Do you need to know in advance? Also, what shop are you at most frequently?

  2. Karin says:

    How much does this cost to get done?

    • j.c.potts says:

      it depends on the jewelry, but it’s usually around $200-250. You can find cheaper, but it probably won’t look this awesome :)

  3. hannah says:

    will you be able to see the back of the earrings?

    • j.c.potts says:

      if your ear is ideally suited for the work, then no, you wouldn’t- the problem occurs when someone’s ear is less than ideal but the piercing gets done anyway.

  4. Laura says:

    So i want to get this piercing but i heard you should not get all three at once because it hurts so bad…what do you think? is it just a myth?

    • Emily says:

      It didn’t hurt me much when I got them done at the same time (and I have a low pain tolerance!). Just be careful sleeping, it hurts more when you lie on it….

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