Laura kicked-in-the-face-by-a-horse MEDICAL FUND

As was mentioned in the latest episode of THE MODIFIED WORLD, everyone’s favorite intrepid she-girl piercer of the forest, L2, got kicked in the face by a horse, and, while she’s really lucky that she should make a full recovery, the medical bills have been a bit overwhelming. Now, ordinarily I’d just break off ducats out of pocket (call it the Pangea health plan) but since I pay for quality video editing and original music for the show, I do not have the money to help….so, I turn to you, the audience of TMW, and humbly ask that you break Laura off some ducats to help offset some of her medical bills. I’ll dutifully transfer 100% of the funds collected to her with no kind of “administration fees” or anything like that. Thank youuuuuu!!!

UPDATE: I have gotten a notification from PayPal saying there’s a problem- I’m working on getting it resolved. If your donation failed, PLEASE try back tomorrow 🙂 LLTM

UPDATE #2: button is apparently fixed